Unable to run blocks in Juno


In the Juno IDE, after creating a new Julia file and press cmd+enter to run a command in it, it briefly highlights the line as though it’s going to run it, but then it’s never sent to the REPL. When I open the Terminal and type commands directly into the REPL it works fine however.

This is Atom 1.40.1 + Juno 0.10.1 on a fresh install.

Any ideas appreciated.


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A few points to clarify:

  • Are you looking for output in what is opened from Juno > Open Console or Juno > Open REPL?
  • Are the key bindings configured correctly? You can try launching these manually with cmd-shift-p to open the command panel, then type julia run to see and select from all the related commands.
  • Does cell evaluation work? For example, try placing your cursor at the end of the println statement and press Alt-Enter.
## beginning of cell
## end of cell
  • I’m using Juno > Open Console
  • Key bindings appear to be ok, just the defaults. This is a pristine install.
  • As mentioned, it appears to try and evaluate the line by drawing slanted progress lines on the line and then displaying a sprocket afterwards. But no output appears in the console.

Here’s a screenshot:

That screenshot is helpful. Looks like a julia-client error. Could you post the full console error log and the output of package status?
press ] then type status in the repl.

Ah ok, scrolling up in the console I found the error that the juno client wasn’t installed. After installing it in the REPL then it worked. So possibly there’s a doc update needed?

I followed the docs here for OSX:

So installing the uber-juno from Atom didn’t seem to fully install it it seems