Juno on multiple monitors?



Hi all. I’m starting to create a larger project in Julia and need a lot of files visible simultaneously across two monitors. This feels silly, but I’m not sure how to do this in Juno. When I choose File > New Window, it creates a new Juno window (actually, just Atom without the Julia stuff running), but I can’t drag tabs over to it. If I open a file in the new window (via File > Open File), it actually shows up in my original Juno instance. Even if I open up a new Atom instance and try this, any opened file shows up in the original Juno instance. So the new window just sits there empty. What am I missing? Thanks for any help.


This seems to be a bug (or unexpected behaviour at least) in Atom – IIUC Open File does the equivalent of atom filename in the terminal, which has the following behaviour:

~ atom --help

Atom Editor v1.19.0-beta2

Usage: atom [options] [path ...]

One or more paths to files or folders may be specified. If there is an
existing Atom window that contains all of the given folders, the paths
will be opened in that window. Otherwise, they will be opened in a new

This means that you can’t open files in one folder/project in two different instances of Atom with Open File; atom -n filename does work though.

Re-opening folder in Atom fails

Thanks @pfitzseb. For now, as a workaround, I’m keeping two editors open: Atom + Juno in monitor 1 for interactive stuff and VS Code or Brackets in monitor 2 just for working on .jl files. Fortunately, the shortcuts are pretty much the same!