Trouble installing VS Code for Julia

Well, I tried installing Visual Studio for Julia. I Should have known Visual Studio would be a pain in the ass. I got the Julia extension. Then it wanted me to create a launch.json file (no idea how to do that). Then it wanted me to install a Julia debugger with comments, except there is none in the extensions market. I did find a Julia debugger and installed it but VS still chokes. Microsoft is true to form in over-complicating things.

Hi I have had good luck on a mac using visual studio insiders build. I was trying to get a jupyter notebook to work. At one point I had to go REPL then package manager (using ]) and running `add IJulia’ to get launch.json set up.

If you are trying to do something more simple, GitHub - julia-vscode/julia-vscode: Julia extension for Visual Studio Code might help too.

See setup steps at the bottom of the readme of this repository I forked:

I’m a bit confused on where you got stuck. Please view the directions at

If you need additional help, see the #VSCode channel in Julia Slack.

Also I hope you are talking about “VS Code” rather than “Visual Studio” which is a much larger Microsoft product.

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It wanted me to create a launch.json file. I did, using the Insiders package mentioned. But it still stalls on wanting a commenting debugger when there is none. I installed the only debugger there, but it’s not accepted. I’m busy learning Julia. To hell with VS code. I’ll uninstall it.

It would be useful to know what you were actually doing that caused VSCode to ask for a launch.json.

I’d suggest you open a REPL (with the Julia: Start REPL command, which you can find in the command palette, which, in turn, you can open with F1 or Ctrl-Shift-P) and take it from there, or use the Julia: Execute File in REPL command, which is available with the “play” button in the upper right of the editor.

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