Travis doesn't like me anymore: how to fix

First, travis stopped triggering. I don’t know why. I assumed it was because they were telling me that “Github Services” are deprecated and that now there is a travis “Github App”. I enabled the app and deleted the service. Ok, still not triggering. I look at the list of packages in travis, which has a rather sick sense of humor as it listed every single package I’ve ever had any sort of involvement with whatsoever except the one that I was actually trying to trigger travis for.

I see a little notification tucked all the way at the bottom of the travis screen:

The following repositories cannot be migrated to at this time because they are currently active on our legacy platform This feature will be available shortly. Pleaseread our docs on open source migration to learn more.

Said documents basically say “we’re migrating at some unknown point in the future, in the meantime don’t use this”.

Now, I can find no way of reactivating the service. Anything I try to do on travis brings me back to the same screen. :scream:

Ideas? (This probably isn’t the best forum on which to ask this question but I assume some of my Julia friends have been faced with exactly the same problems of late.)

Ok, so I found that part of the problem is that it kept directing me to when it was supposed to direct me to (apparently they have completely separate domain names for proprietary and open source projects).

Ok, I figured out how to run the travis tests, but I am still unable to see the travis build status in the github PR page any more. Still have no idea how to get it to show that again.

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Please I’ve been stuck here too! What did you do to run the test?

It doesn’t seem to be completely fixed. Travis is infuriating. If I remember correctly, I deleted it from the “github apps” settings. As I recall, that makes it so that now it does trigger, but infuriatingly, it does not show up in github when a PR is open (even though I can see in travis that it ran).

It doesn’t seem possible to add it to the “github apps” again.

Travis makes me want to scream. If anyone else knows how to solve this once and forall, I’d be extremely grateful as well.

Somewhat orthogonal, but I am enjoying Gitlab and its integrated CI very much.

should get you started.

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Yes, I agree, it’s much nicer. Is there any timelone for Registrator to support gitlab?

AFAIK the action is in

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