Could someone please help me fix my travis integration?

Hi all. About a week ago I was prompted to move repos from to, which I did because our CI integration was failing.

Now, though, while the new integration seems to be working, I can’t get rid of the old integration inside of github. The old integration is in a perpetual “pending” state. I also don’t think that the new integration is required for PRs to pass muster (I’d want that.)

I’ve gone through github and travis settings and can’t find where to disable the old integration beyond removing it from some settings pane. I do still have “Travis CI” listed in “integrations” under “installed github apps” but I think this is the new setup so I’m reluctant to remove it.

Screenshot shows what I’m seeing for every PR now.

So - how do I fix my CI setup? I’d like to

  1. remove the old continuous-integration/travis-ci requirement, and
  2. make the “Travis CI - Branch” and “Travis CI - Pull Request” tests be required


In the repository settings, look for the branch protection settings.


Thanks! That did it. Is there any way to remove the continuous-integration/travis-ci option from that list?

Leave it unchecked.

After approximately 1 week it will automatically be removed from the list, as long as you leave it unchecked,

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Thank you, @dilumaluthge :slight_smile: