Tour of ASML at JuliaCon 2024!

JuliaCon 2024 is only a week away!

If you plan to be in Eindhoven on Monday before the conference, our friends at ASML offered to give a small tour to their facilities on July 8th (Monday) from 9:30 – 11:30 for anyone that would like to come.The tour will comprise of:

  • A small reception with Coffee/tea
  • A tour through ASML’s Experience Center where you will learn about photo-lithography and semi-conductor manufacturing using VR equipment.
  • If the group is small enough, we could walk through the campus.

The whole tour will take ~2 hours.

Due to security measures, it is required for all visitors to register with a government issued ID (passport, driving license, residence permit) and be escorted at all times.To get there you can arrive on your own by public transport or your own means.But if you would like a full “Dutch experience” a ride together by bike will take place starting from the PSV Stadium parking lot to ASML campus.

If you are interested, please fill in this form. Upon registration, you will receive more details at what place to be at which time etc.

Regards from the JuliaCon organizing team,
Jorge Vieyra


Small update: We are changing the tour from morning to the afternoon to allow more people to join.
The new time is from 13:30 - 16:00 hrs

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Note also that there’s now an option for a second tour on Tuesday if enough people show interest by Friday. Do sign up if that works better for you!


What time on Tuesday? I have to give a workshop :wink:


I signed up for Monday but I’d prefer Tuesday and they were radio buttons…

I’m interested in either bus or bike. How long have we allotted for biking?

According to the form it’s 1/2 hour, I think

That’s probably a question for @Jorge_Vieyra :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,
Update for the Tuesday Tour. It will happen from 14:00 - 16:30 hrs.
It takes roughly 25 min to get to ASML by bike if we go at a steady pace. I can meet people at 13:30 at the parking lot on the side of the Stadium and bike from there. We will go on a few back bicycle paths to avoid as many street lights as possible. We will leave 13:30 sharp.

The only caveat is that it seems that it will rain on Tuesday. So, if you still want to come by bike, I recommend to bring a raincoat :smiley:

Note that the tour on Tuesday will be 30 min later than the one from Monday. So, adjust accordingly. Will send a reminder email later today.

@Jorge_Vieyra I noticed that the registration form for ASML’s visit is not accepting responses anymore.
May I join you on today’s afternoon visit?