JuliaCon 2024 Wednesday Digest

Hello again JuliaCon participants!

If you were able to attend, we hope you had a very informative workshop day at JuliaCon 2024. We hope you are as excited as we are for the main schedule!

Venue and location:

The conference is located at the Philips Stadion. Attendees are to enter via entrance 8, located here. Here’s a picture of the entrance:


Entrance 8 leads to the ground floor, where you will find the registration desk. (Attendees from the US, or users of Julia: note that the floor numbering is zero-based, i.e., the ground level floor is zero floor, one level up is the first floor, and so on).

Breakfast is served on the third floor, after which the program will commence at the mainstage (entrance on the second floor) at 8:50 AM. Please plan to arrive at or after 8 AM. Attendees will be refused entry before this time.

Printed floor plans for each floor are available at the registration desk. If you need any assistance or have any questions please find a volunteer with an orange badge, or an organizer with a red badge and we will be happy to help!

Registration: Check in at the registration desk anytime from 8 AM. Additionally, please have your JuliaCon 2024 ticket ready with your QR code visible and your phone brightness turned up.

Wardrobe/Coat Check: Attendees can check in bags and coats at the wardrobe counter near registration. This service is managed by the Philips Stadion. Please do not check expensive items such as laptops into the wardrobe as neither PSV nor JuliaCon is responsible for stolen or lost items.

Special rooms for Prayer and Daycare: Please note that Room 1.2 is a designated prayer/quiet room. We also have a daycare service. Please visit the registration desk for more information about the location and services provided.


Keynotes: After our opening ceremony, our first keynote of the day is the State of Julia in 2024, along with sponsor talks from Cognibotics and JuliaHub/Boeing.

Poster Session: The poster session starts at 6:30 PM today on Floor 3. Snacks and drinks will be made available for purchase during the session.

Evening Socials: There’s a ton of stuff to do around Eindhoven! Check out our activities guide here.

YouTube Streaming: All talks will be streamed at our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TheJuliaLanguage. Be sure to check out our new YouTube Membership and SuperChat features!

Birds of a Feather sessions are not streamed.

Thank you to our sponsors! JuliaCon is not possible without the support of our sponsors. Thank you to our Diamond sponsor JuliaHub, our platinum sponsor ASML, our Silver Sponsors Relational AI, Sioux Technologies, and Cognibotics, our Bronze sponsors Boeing, Pumas AI and Jeffrey Sarnoff, our Copper sponsors Betterhand Financial Technologies, and our Startup sponsors Evovest, G21 Computing, Genie, Great Lakes Consulting Services, IENAI Space, Jolin.io and Jahan.ai.

Sponsor booths: Attendees should check out the sponsor booths on the third floor!