Toggle console pane in Juno

On a mac, CMD+J CMD+O opens the console pane / focuses on the console pane. Is there a shortcut that does the opposite? I.e. hides the console pane and ideally focuses on the last file tab? I couldn’t find a relevant keybinding.


I think you are looking for CMD+J CMD+E.


So that’s great for re-focusing on the Editor pane (thanks!) but does not toggle (hide) the console pane.

The reason I’m asking is that on small screens, it’s a bit annoying to have the console take up space when not using it :slight_smile:

Edit: the CMD+J CMD+E works perfect in a non-split environment by the way (it just cycles through thep panes).

True, we should add a command that actually does toggle the REPL :slight_smile: