Shortcuts for editor/repl switching

I’m used to being able to quickly go to the last editor (ctrl-j, ctrl-e) or to the repl (ctrl-j, ctrl-o) in juno.

Is anyone willing to throw some hand-holding in the docs for how to do this in vs code?

I looked at the defaults and didn’t see anything.

Then I looked at vs code keybindings documentation and got scared and came here.

@pfitzseb has a bunch of custom commands to do this for VS Code. I couldn’t figure out how to get them installed because indeed, VS Code keybindings docs are not to be trifled with. I was suggesting that a small package for Juno keybindings be released: that would greatly help the transition of Juno features to VS Code.

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Agreed, a juno keymap extension for vs code would be a productivity boon for many… which I would gladly volunteer another person to write

Juno-like keybindings for the VSCode extension can be found here.

There are no default shortcuts for focusing the editor/terminal pane, but you can set them yourself. The relevant commands are View: Focus Previous Editor Group and Terminal: Focus on Terminal View.

Setting them is easy:

  1. Hit Ctrl-Shift-P to open the command palette
  2. Type in Open Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Paste one of the command names above into the search bar
  4. Click the little plus on the left
  5. Type the desired keybinding

For consistency, I’d use Alt-J Alt-E and Alt-J Alt-O.

Yeah maybe I should get on that. We still plan to rework the default keybindings, but that obviously doesn’t cover any that aren’t provided by the extension (like the ones mentioned here).