Tiny text in VSCode after PC wakes up from sleep

I just installed Windows 11 on a new PC and noticed some odd behavior from VSCode and some other apps.

I set scaling at 350% and resolution at 3840 x 2160 for my monitors. When the PC sleeps and I wake it up VSCode is frozen and the text has become very tiny. I have to close VSCode with Alt+F4 or with the Task Manager, other methods do not work. When I restart VSCode text is normal sized.

Some other apps display similar behavior. In the case of Microsoft Edge the text also becomes tiny but comes back to normal size if I just minimize the window and bring it back to normal size. I cannot do this with VSCode as it becomes completely unresponsive.

I run VSCode on Windows 10 PCs with no problems.

Has anyone observed similar problems with VSCode under Windows 11?