REPL in VS Code stalling overnight

Leaving the session open, the REPL window regularly freezes with an empty screen and the cursor about in the middle.
Any remedy?
(Win10, latest VS Code and Julia)

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I have the same problem in VS codium in Arch Linux. No remedy so far.

Something similar happens on Atom/Juno. The REPL window randomly freezes and I have to kill Julia. Not sure if that’s related to the VS code issue but I thought I’d weigh in anyway.

Hmm, never happened during work, but this would hint at a problem with Julia itself?

BTW, the powershell pane freezes as well.

Stupid question - does this happen when your laptop suspends itself?
The first thing I would do is adjust the power saving settings.

No, laptop is on mains, I move the mouse and log in.

For me (Juno REPL panel) it freezes randomly while nothing is being executed (REPL idle) and the Atom window is active (as in I’m doing stuff in it).

Again, not sure if this is relevant to the VS Code issue described in the OP, but it sounds similar.