Time for JET.jl first run?

I just updated to Julia v1.7.1 and added Jet.jl to my project environment. I put together a file like this

# contents of jet_test.jl

using MyPackage

const problem_size = 2^7

function main(problem_size)
   tmp = MyFunction_from_MyPackage(problem_size)
   return tmp

tmp = main(problem_size)

I ran this in the REPL by doing

juila> using JET

julia> report_and_watch_file("jet_test.jl"; annotate_types = true)

It reported No errors ! fairly quickly but has since not returned anything else. I also haven’t gotten the Julia prompt back, I just have a flashing cursor.

The documentation does say it can take a bit the first time you run it. I think its been about an hour. Is that typical? Just curious what time frames others have experienced.

This function doesn’t return to the REPL; it keeps working to watch the file and report any changes (until you press ctrl-c or close the terminal). You could do @async report_and_watch_file(...) if you want to get the REPL back, or just do it in another terminal window.


Oh, I was waiting for nothing then :sweat_smile:
Sorry for the confusion!


I think this actually should be noted during running REPL incompatible commands with JET.jl, or in the documentation at the API documentation.
So others can understand the issues instantly.

println("interactive : $(isinteractive())") # for some interactivity checking

I also was struggling to understand what was the issue even watching the video to introduce JET.jl at JuliaCon 2021