Ticks detached when using colsize!(fig.layout, Relative(...)) in Makie

With the following code


    Axis = (
        xtickalign = 1,
        ytickalign = 1,
        xminortickalign = 1,
        yminortickalign = 1,
        xscale = log10,
        yscale = log10,
        xticksmirrored = true,
        yticksmirrored = true,
        xminorticksvisible = true,
        yminorticksvisible = true,
        xminorticks = IntervalsBetween(9),
        yminorticks = IntervalsBetween(9)

fig = Figure()

ax1 = Axis(fig[1,1])
ax2 = Axis(fig[2,1])

rowgap!(fig.layout, Relative(0.01))


I get the following figure:


Notice the upper xticks are detached from the axis as I adjust the row spacing using rowgap!. Basically I want to minimize the spacing between the two axes. How to use rowgap! properly so that the upper ticks stay with the axes? Or what’s the best way to adjust the margins?

That looks like a bug, I thought something similar was fixed recently… But maybe not, is this the latest version? Does it still happen on master?

Using version 0.17.13 for Makie.jl and 0.8.13 for CairoMakie.jl according to the Manifest.toml