Rowgap!() not working properly

Hi all,

when trying to layout a plot similar to the the example in the Makie layout tutorial i ran into a problem using the rowgap!() command:
MethodError: objects of type Int64 are not callable

colgap!() works flawlessly.
I would be gratful for any advice how to get this working (or any other workarounds to reduce the gaps between the right column plots)

using CairoMakie
using FileIO


fig = Figure(fontsize=15)

g_a = fig[1:5,1] = GridLayout()
g_b = fig[1:5,2] = GridLayout()

ax_a_1 = Axis(g_a[:,1])
ax_a_2 = Axis(g_a[:,2])
ax_b_1 = Axis(g_b[1,:])
ax_b_2 = Axis(g_b[2,:])
ax_b_3 = Axis(g_b[3,:])
ax_b_4 = Axis(g_b[4,:])
ax_b_5 = Axis(g_b[5,:])

colgap!(g_a, 50)


That’s a strange error for rowgap!, maybe you accidentally set rowgap! = someinteger and could try to restart your session

Okay, restarting did the trick, thanks :slight_smile: