There is nothing in html doc exported from Pluto notebook

Pluto is really a wonderful package; Overall look and feel of document is great, cells are very responsive while I edit, powerful @bind feature, etc.

Now I want to export to html. But when I clicked on “export static HTML” menu, strangely there is no content in the produced document.

<body class="loading no-MαθJax">

Am I doing it wrong way?

Works fine here with Julia 1.5.0 and Pluto v0.11.14. Tested with “Mathematics in Julia :pizza:” sample notebook.

Thank you for confirming!. I also have the same versions as yours. I may have to check it on other PC.

Ah, I just discovered that there are Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND for a bunch of javascripts. Maybe this is because of firewall stuff? I will check if I see the same issue at home.