Pluto export to html without including julia source code

The ability to save a pluto notebook to HTML is great. It looks much better as a webpage in a browser than it does as an exported pdf.

I would like to share an exported static HTML file showing my pluto notebook without also sharing the julia code. Is this possible?

Pluto export already make it difficult from the front-end to show the code of cells which have the code folded, so input of folded cells is not straightforward to show but is still baked into the HTML and can be made visible with some simple javascript.

Is this enough for you or you really want to completely remove the cell inputs from the HTML file?

If I were to export the HTML file for a notebook and send it to you, you would open that file in a browser. At the upper right is a “Edit or run this notebook” button. If you click on that you have the option to download the Julia code that defined the original notebook. So there is no difficulty.

Just to be clear, and hopefully to prompt more responses, when I wrote “there is no difficulty” I was responding to @disberd’s post in which he said it’s already difficult to extract the Julia code from the exported HTML file. My point was that it’s easy to get the Julia code, and that’s a problem if you want to show someone what you’ve done but don’t want to share the underlying code. PDF is ok, but it’s not nearly as nice as the HTML webpage…