The Julia Language will *apply* for Google's Season of Docs - Call For Projects

Hey all,

The Julia Language will be applying this year for the annual Google Season of Docs. GSoD is an opportunity for aspiring Technical Writers to work with Open Source organizations on projects to improve documentation. You can read more about GSoD here.

We have a list of possible projects for GSoD found here, but we would like to extend this further with the support of the community. If you are a package maintainer/developer or have an idea for a possible project, please see here for some example projects to get a better idea of the project scope and then feel free to reply or head over to the #gsod channel on slack so we can chat about the project.

This is not only an awesome opportunity for the Julia Community to have some dedicated help building out documentation but it’s also the chance for an aspiring technical writer to work on a truly impactful project (and get paid to do so).

If you already have a project in mind and want to get it on the list, please open a PR here.

Note that our application is due May 4th and we plan to submit before then, so make sure to get your PR/project in early if you want it on the list of possible projects. Thanks!