The Julia Language + Google Season of Docs 2020

Hey all! We are excited to announce that the Julia Language has been selected to participate in Google Season of Docs.

We have a number of awesome projects setup for GSoD that you can find on the JuliaLang website. If you are a current or aspiring technical writer, please check out the GSoD eligibility guide to confirm you are eligible for the program and then please reach out to us in the #gsod slack channel so we can chat about projects.

If you are planning to apply as a technical writer, your first point of contact (we suggest Slack) should be the listed mentors on the project. If there are other questions related to the Julia Language’s projects that your mentor cannot address, please send us an email at

Thanks to everyone for their hard work to get this setup. We are excited to hopefully welcome some awesome technical writers to our community!

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Other Details:

  • For details on how slots are allocated in GSoD, please read here. The Julia Language is an “Umbrella org” so we would “…receive, at maximum, 4 technical writer slots for matching.”

  • It’s worth noting that the way GSoD as a program functions is very different from GSoC. You can check out the GSoD website for the relevant details on the program.

  • Successfully completed GSoD projects will result in the Technical Writer being paid a stipend by Google. Read more about stipends for Technical Writers here.