The Julia Language is hiring a technical writer as part of Google Season of Docs 2021

The Julia Language is excited to share that we will be hiring a technical writer as part of Google Season of Docs 2021. This year’s program is different from previous years and does not operate like other Google Open Source programs, so it is worth checking out the website for more details:


  • Start date: May 17th, 2021
  • Timeline: Develop docs between May 17th, 2021 and October 15th, 2021
  • Stipend: $6,000 USD
  • Weekly time commitment: ~10-14 hours per week (with lots of flexibility)

What you will do

The technical writer will help the Julia Language create a one stop shop onboarding/contributing section for the Julia Ecosystem which will live on the Julia Language website. The goal of this section will be to compile all of the resources necessary for someone, regardless of where they are in their technical, open source, or Julia journey, to be able to use this guide and start making contributions to the Julia community. You can find more specific details in the proposal we published.


The selected technical writer will be supported by the Julia Language community, contributors to the Julia Language’s website, and two other technical writers (who will be paid a mentor honorarium through the funds received by Google).


We are seeking a technical writer who is interested in improving the contributor workflow in the Julia community. While no Julia programming experience is technically required for this project, experience with Julia and the community would be preferred. Find out more about how technical writer applications are evaluated on the GSoD website. This project is an amazing opportunity to have a substantial impact on the community and help enable thousands of new Julia contributors. Interested? Apply now! The deadline to apply is May 10th, 11:59 PM PST.


Will there be a deadline where the form closes and you start evaluating applicants, or will it be on a rolling basis?


I added a deadline above!

Bumping this! 4 days left to apply. Please share the job posting with anyone you might know who would be interested!

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Reiterating the suggestions I made as a response to the tweet announcing this, I highly recommend posting on, as well as in the #open-source and #job-posts-only channels of the Write the Docs Slack workspace. (There’s a #season-of-docs channel there as well, BTW.)

It could also be a good idea to post to the Writers and Editors category of


I did the former a week ago and just did the latter. Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi Logan,

I have submitted the google application form.



Greetings everyone. I just found out about Julia and immediately applied. Pleased to meet all of you! Hope to be selected for the job :blush:


Yeah I hope too, Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:




Hello, I tried to upload my resume but for some reason the form isn’t accepting it. I have e-mailed the required fields present in the google form along with the resume. I hope it is fine.


Update: Thanks to everyone who shared this and to the folks that applied. We had a ton of quality applications put forth. With that said, we are excited to share that @elizavetasemenova (GSoD 2020) will be joining us for a second session of Google Season of Docs.

Please join me in welcoming her!


Congratulations Elizaveta :tada:!

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