The Julia Forem is live:

Hey folks!

Some of you may recall that we have been experimenting with setting up a Julia Forem since November of last year. Well today, I am super excited to share that the Julia Forem is live and ready: :confetti_ball:

You can read more about what the Julia Forem is, why you should use it, and the best practices here: The Julia Forem: What it is, why we made one, and how to use it! - Julia Community

As a quick disclaimer because I am sure a few people are thinking this, Forem does not replace Discourse in any way. Discourse is a core part of the Julia Community for Technical Q/A. Forem is essentially a hosted blogging service with social features where you can get an awesome feed of high quality Julia content and have threaded discussions about it.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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Sorry but I have to ask: is there any particular reason why they spell Forem that way? Is it an acronym, or maybe a reference to something I’m missing? The misspelling of “forum” is really triggering my OCD, which is especially concerning since I don’t actually have OCD.


Perhaps it isn’t alluding to “forum”, but “forearm”? Or “4M” (like 3M post-it notes, but 1M better)? Or maybe “for 'em” (for them)?


My hypothesis is that all good and even half decent names were already taken (under copyright), so they had so settle for this…

My own suggestion would be Foo_R.E.M


It’s a proper noun. If they spelled it “forum” it would be impossible to find information about it. Discourse is bad enough and that’s not that common a word.


It it possible to use math (Tex based ideally) syntax in forem? I tried $(ax^2 + bx + c = 0)$ but that didn’t work…

I would open an issue here: GitHub - forem/forem: For empowering community 🌱 and ask. I think @simonbyrne was also interested to know this.


Double backtick fence is common in markdown, you could try that.

``like this``

I did some searching through Forem’s issues and found they support KaTeX with the guide they provided being here: Editor Guide - DEV Community for math notation.
Hope that helps!

So in your case, I think this should work:

{% katex %}
ax^{2} + bx + c = 0
{% endkatex %}

Awesome, thanks!

My hypothesis: “FOR EMpowering communities”.

Weak evidence: Subtitle and description of the Forem GitHub repository.


For 'em?

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I repost what @PetrKryslUCSD posted on slack: classical latin - How does forem compare to essem? - Latin Language Stack Exchange

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Viva forem!
For Forem’s issue tracker (I don’t know where it is). During logging in first time to forem I’ve inserted a “short” bio, longer than 200 characters. There wasn’t any error message, I just couldn’t go to the next page. I know the length limitation 'cause I was able to fill it in the settings, where it works properly.
UPDATE: I’ve sent to the issue tracker.

The issue tracker is here: GitHub - forem/forem: For empowering community 🌱

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How to do inline Katex in forem?

Let {% katex %} A {% endkatex %} be a matrix is alloting a single line for ‘A’.
be a matrix.

[quote=“VinodV, post:19, topic:82055”]
{% katex inline %} A {% endkatex %}
[/quote] will do the job

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