The Julia Forem is live:

I am stuck at

(The button at the bottom is not clickable.)

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a solution?

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Did you click the “agree” buttons?

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Is there one? I don’t see it:

In the first image you sent, it’s on the left side, there’s 2 of them.

In the image you posted with headline “Peter Krysl – welcome…” there are two “agree” buttons.

O You agree to uphold our Code of Conduct
O You agree to our Terms and Conditions

I think you need to click on the Os to turn on the Continue button.


Wow! I couldn’t see those very light outlines! Thanks!


Looks great!
Any chance for integration of Pluto notebooks into Forem (ideally, with GitHub - JuliaPluto/PlutoSliderServer.jl: Web server to run just the `@bind` parts of a Pluto.jl notebook)? Interactive notebooks with complete, running code would be a great enhancement.


What does the unicorn reaction :unicorn: means?

Any chance that new forem posts are anounced here?

Hmm, I made a comment on a post and when I pressed submit it told me “Error: body markdown has already been taken” (IIRC). But it looks to me like the comment went through anyway—can anyone confirm?

Edit: Also, I notice that here on Discourse if you put something in a codefence without indicating the language, it automatically defaults to Julia syntax highlighting, whereas in the comment I made in Forem I had to write ```julia to get it to work. Might be worth making Julia the default there as well?

It’s the same as a like, no real difference.

It might be possible but not in the short term, I don’t have bandwidth to make that integration at the moment.

I don’t think we have that control but you can open an issue at the Forem GitHub (it’s open source) and ask this!

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In the meantime, you can subscribe via RSS:

Yes, that sounds more a job for an rss feed that anyone interested can opt into right now, rather than a new category on this site that people uninterested would have to mute