Test the new wiki posts. Edit me

This is a test: I see a wiki option, and I want to know what it does.

I have marked this as a “wiki post”.

Can you edit this post?

List of people who have edited this post:

  • @JonasIsensee this is fun! :partying_face: Edit: “You can only mention ten people in a post” :smiling_face_with_tear:
  • @kellertuer was here, too.
  • mrufsvold is a simple guy who likes an Internet point as much as the next person. :sweat_smile:
  • What me afraid? Steven Siew
  • Cheers from #evetion!
  • Yup, works (@goerz)

This is a reply to the wiki post. How does that work?

Can you edit this reply? Can you reply?

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Can only read or answer. Can’t edit your reply. Seems to do well.

I earned a new badge! :slight_smile:

Despite your post I can’t find any Wiki option anywhere… :frowning:

Looks like only users with Discourse trust level 3 (“regulars”) can create wiki posts, but anyone with at least trust level 1 can edit wiki posts: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

I can make a wiki post by selecting the wrench, and then selecting “Make Wiki”:

My first real test of the Wiki post is to try to organize some friendlier documentation for strings in Julia:

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Are there additional differences between a wiki post and a normal one, other than the shared editing of the OP?

E.g., are they discoverable in some other way or something like that? I couldn’t find anything in the sidebar that seemed to show only wiki entries at least.

Edit: And how do you find you trust level? I could see I had a badge for “regular”, but I can’t see the wrench that @mkitti shows.

Edit2: Trust level found in profile summary and press expand in the top section. And I do seem to have the wrench, but just on some subset of my own posts from what I have found so far.

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TIL you can only tag 10 people per post

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Just a note — wikis aren’t new and we’ve been using a prominent one for five years now :slight_smile: