Barred from posting to discourse because I'm not "trust level 2."?

I’m not asking for my account, because obviously i can post, but is meant with:

barred from posting to discourse because I’m not “trust level 2.”

It would be important to know more about the context of this error. AFAIK levels 0 and especially 1 should be able to open new topics and reply to old ones.

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The Developement/Internals category is restricted to posters with trust level 2, to reduce noise. Other categories are not that restrictive.


Sometimes it happens that people get banned for writing to fast on their first post (copy and paste) since that looks like a bot. Otherwise, the only posting restriction is to Development/Internals and every first post and topic have to go through a moderation queue. In cases like this please do tell the other parties to reach out to one of the admins (preferably me) or write an email to