Edit limits

Hi there,

why can not I modify my post anymore? I have modified 9 times.

Edit timers go up with your trust level — as you use the site more it gives you more latitude.

Trust levels 0 and 1 (new and basic users) get a 24 hour window to edit their posts. This is the discourse default. Trust levels 2 and above (member, regular, etc) get a 60 day window. This is twice the default. Also note that everyone gets 5 minutes for “minor” ninja edits if they’re small.

As far as why this is restricted — and why it gets longer with trust? One example: a while back we were fighting with “edit spam.” Spammers would create new accounts, copy-paste relevant-looking content from old threads, and then later come back to edit in spam links.

But also, overly editing the post can end up making the discussion confusing. If you need to remove sensitive information, you can flag the post for a moderator action. Otherwise, simply clarifying in replies can be much easier to follow.


Thanks for clarification!