Teach Julia to beginner programmers

I am very happy to announce that our book, entitled ‘The Little Book of Julia Algorithms’, has been published. The book aims at teaching a beginner programmer the basics of programming via the Julia language. The book enables people to learn Julia potentially as their first language. It is based on a Python book by Mr William Lau, a high school computer science teacher, which I have re-written for Julia.

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The book is also available on other Amazon sites.

So if you want your children and assorted young relatives/friend’s children/associates to learn Julia, get them this book for (insert gift-giving holiday of choice here). But make sure to include something they will actually like as well; I don’t want to force them into having to needlessly work without a light at the end of the tunnel. :sweat_smile:



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Also, feel free to do a PR here: https://github.com/JuliaLang/www.julialang.org/blob/master/learning/books.md to add the book to our public list of Julia books.


Ordered from Amazon Japan!!


Thanks, the little that Amazon doesn’t take from the sale will go straight to my college fund.


Congratulations! Looking forward to using it to introduce my daughter to Julia! Will it become available in electronic format (eg. Kindle or pdf)?


It seems very nice. I think for young non-native children, English is not always easy. Any /plan for translations?

I can help/handle a translation in my native language (French) if you need it.

After some trouble with printing, the book is finally available from local online retailers in India.