New Book on Julia "Introduction to Julia Programming: For Scientists and Engineers"



Hello everybody,

I wrote a book on working with Julia and I believe it can help absolute beginners quite well. Please have a look at the same. Its available at Amazon:

Next one will concentrate on scientific computing especially solving differential equations for real life situations.


Dr. Sandeep nagar


Interesting to see Chapter 2 is on object-oriented programming, the intro to that chapter says “Python is an OOP language”, bolded is “In the julian world, everything is an object”, and there’s no mention of multiple dispatch in either the the ToC or the index. I assume there was an error?


I looked at the TOC and the free samples on Amazon. A lot of content seems to be enumeration of functions (eltype does this, gcd does that, etc). Given the price, perhaps you could explain why it is better than reading the first few chapters of the manual.


It makes more money :slight_smile: I think Julia education is a young market that will grow at an incredible rate everywhere in the world at once. Being an early market entrant gives you advantages in the country/city you are in. In the future it will be easier to add new chapters to the book, than writing it from scratch, and maybe make specialized and translated versions for some specific applications and in specific languages, thus more money :slight_smile: Beside looking good on the CV, backing you up as the Julia guy/lady in your institution, it can also make you at peace with the knowledge you write in there, thus helping the writer even more than it helps the readers. Even if the books can’t possibly replace the docs IMHO, I think it’s a trend that will start some time (might as well be now), just like all those books on other programming languages out there. And some people might just prefer a hard cover! That’s just my 2 cents.


It would be very nice to see a small list of contributions applied back to the official documentation thanks to your work.
It’s nice to see some books on julia starting to come out!


Directed towards absolute beginners: from a glance at the LookInside pages I’m sceptical that this book can help quite well (au contraire). My advise: read the first few chapters of the extraordinarily well written manual. Basic Julia is easy, no (uninspired) books needed. To @smidis I would say, there are books and books…

(sorry to be so negative here)


Dear all, Thank you for your comments. I will take into consideration in the next edition of this book.

Planning to add chapter on multiple dispatch, numerical computing (statistics, integration, differentiation, optimizations etc.) and some others. Also planning to make a sort of workbook where reader can first understand a concept, see some solved exercise and then probe some unsolved questions themselves. I myself learned Julia by reading docs but always felt that a book would have been better.

About the price, the book is hosted at Amazon in Amazon KDP program where I have to share more than 50% price to Amazon for each book sold. Its an on-demand printing program where they do not stock, but print and ship when somebody orders. Plus they do not have options for lower prices for third world countries. I would love to lower the prices if Amazon could increase author’s share to pay to time invested. I hope this will happen in future.

Anyway, thank you for your valuable comments. Regards