Book recommendation(s)

What books do you recommend for someone starting in Julia, coming with experience in R and (some) Python? I don’t see a systematic way that the book section on this page is organized: Am I missing it? The books in that section don’t seem to be organized by date of publication nor by alphabetical order of title. I’m looking for a general intro to Julia for the data-science-informed reader. Thanks.

The manual is detailed, freely available, and always improving, and it’s always my go-to resource. Here’s the manual for v0.6.3 (stable): and the manual for the upcoming v0.7 (latest):

There are a variety of other Julia books out in the world, but many of them are somewhat out-of-date, as the language has been changing rapidly. Those breaking changes will stop with version 1.0 (coming this summer!), so I hope to see more up-to-date Julia books coming out thereafter.



I am porting ThinkPython to (Think)Julia. I have just finished the migration to Julia v0.7. Last 2 chapters are not yet finished but I have a deadline for the end of this month. O’Reilly will publish this book but it has a Creative Commons license and will always be freely available.
The book is written in markdown and rendered with Documenter, so all code is evaluated and validated during the creation of the content.
Please feel free to open an issue if you find something that is not correct or can be done in a more Julian way.
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