Taro package ... what is this JULIA_COPY_STACKS?

Setting JULIA_COPY_STACKS 1 or yes, make Taro package working … but it breaks the REPL of Juno, that doesn’t load Julia …

What is this JULIA_COPY_STACKS ? how can i use Taro package without breaking the juno REPL ?

julia> import Taro
┌ Warning: JavaCall needs the environment variable `JULIA_COPY_STACKS` to be `1` or `yes`.
│ Calling the JVM may result in undefined behavior.
└ @ JavaCall C:\Users\dario\.julia\packages\JavaCall\0wJQZ\src\JavaCall.jl:38

x-ref Problem in running Julia on Juno

please don’t open multiple topics for the same issue.

OK, i perfectly understand. Sorry.