JavaCall.jl v0.8.0 Released

JavaCall.jl version 0.8.0 was released last week.

This is a breaking change due to a significantly revised Java references system. This provides better control over memory at the interface, preventing memory leaks.

An important user interface change is the @jcall macro, similar to @ccall.

Due to the Julia stack implementation and lack of signal chaning capability initiated from the Julia side, JULIA_COPY_STACKS=1 is still required on macOS and Linux.


Here is a demonstration of the @jcall macro.

julia> using JavaCall

julia> JavaCall.init()

julia> const System = @jimport java.lang.System

julia> @jcall System.out.println("Hello world"::JString)::Nothing
Hello world

This release has been 1.5 years in the making. My near term objectives are to improve the documentation.