[TANN] View/Post-Process Analog Circuit Simulations

(targeted announcement)
Hi, I just stumbled on this topic which seems more-or-less related to my development.

I know makers are less analog-oriented these days, but for those who wish to post-process analog simulation results, the following tools are available:

  • CMDimCircuits.jl: Multidimensional datasets, calculations, and plotting for parametric circuit analysis.
  • SpiceData.jl: Read in transient SPICE data.
  • LibPSF.jl: Read in .psf data files (transient, sweeps, …).
  • PSFWrite.jl: Write time- or frequency-domain data to .psf file.

Note that CMDimCircuits.jl also includes facilities to write complex multidimensional results (including plots) to a single .hdf5 file.



would add to your list

and of course the long awaited Spice-in-Julia (announcement only)

  • JuliaSPICE: A Composable ML Accelerated Analog Circuit Simulator
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