Digilent analog discovery interface

Studying engineering, and we have access to a diligent analog discovery 2 board USB Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer - Digilent Analog Discovery 2 (digilentinc.com)
It is very capable, and has free software “Waveforms” included. But we are being reccomended to use it via MatLab-scripts, that I believe simply comunicate with the WaveForms software in the background. Now, my personal motivation is to find ways to have feture-parity with MatLab, to the extent possible.

I have found a 1-man effort to make this a possibility in Julia: IanButterworth/DigilentWaveForms.jl: A Julia interface to the Digilent WaveForms SDK (github.com). Though I am trilled to see that effors have been made, it does not look like this repository has seen much progress in a long time. It is experimental and only has functionality on Linux and Mac for now.

Now, I don’t think I am capable of helping to fulfill the package’s mission. So I wanted to bring some attention to the issue, and let anyone capable of helping know that it would be much appreciated.

  • Would anyone else find value in this?
  • Are there anyone with the technical know-how to help make interfacing with Digilent devices directly through Julia possible?

It seems to be a relatively thin wrapper around the C SDK. Maybe Calling C and Fortran Code · The Julia Language and WaveForms SDK Reference Manual - Digilent Reference can help you get started.


It definitivly looks like it. Thanks a lot.