TableView/Blink alternatives

Is there a good alternative to the TableView/Blink combination?

I used to pretty-print tables with

w = Blink.Window()
body!(w,showtable(tab,height = "100vh"))

But it seems that the manifest of Blink has not been updated, so it interferes with updating other packages.

Check BrowseTables

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Hi sorry. Two questions

  1. Is there a reason you aren’t using FloatingTableView.jl? Do I have something in the project.toml wrong that makes using Blink and TableView separately work better?
  2. Have you tracked down the Blink.jl dependencies that are the problem? Do you know what the exact issue is?
  1. no particular reason. I like it. But I was trying to get my old code working.
  2. no, just noticed that it blocked an update. I could give it a try later this week.

Please give it a try. Test Blink with Mux set to 1.0.0 if possible and see if it passes tests and can be merged.

gave it a quick go and bumbed into issues with HTTP: ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package HTTP [cd3eb016]

Mux and Websockets together leave no feasible HTTP version.

Sorry for holding up the dependency tree for a while there… I think the requirements could be well and truly satisfied since November 29.

What did you update in the stack?

I think we still need a Blink.jl release with at the very least the latest version of WebIO.

WebSockets.jl was limited to HTTP < 1.0.
When adapting to HTTP, some quite hard tests were failing on Julia < 1.8.2, so that’s the new limit. The API to WebSockets.jl is still unchanged (as far as I can remember now).

It has proven quite difficult or not worth the effort to get rid of some dependencies, and WebSockets.jl is one of them. It is now at the stage where we could replace internal parts of it with similar functions in HTTP.jl, while keep passing tests.

Sometimes, dropping mature dependencies is necessary because maintainers leave and are not interested in further improvements or handing it over to someone who is. Still, maintaining such packages is a necessary stopgap and also a low effort way to contribute to the ecosystem.

For those on their way in, adopting an old package like most of those mentioned here may be a quite rewarding effort for all, with the added benefit that the work required actually decreases over time.

(edit: (@Blinkenv) pkg> status
[ad839575] Blink v0.12.5
[0f1e0344] WebIO v0.8.19 )