ANN: BrowseTables.jl



BrowseTables.jl is a simple package that outputs formatted HTML for tables that support the Tables.jl interface.

The primary purpose of the package is to make eyeballing medium-sized data tables easier. The default formatting uses a fairly condensed font and layout, while still remaining readable. I would like to thank @y4lu for help with CSS.


Install with pkg> add BrowseTables. Then

using BrowseTables
table = (A = rand(vcat(1:10, missing), 100),
         B = rand(vcat('a':'h', missing), 100),
         C = rand(1:100, 100))

CSS help needed for table formatting in Julia package

Could also be good to get the html output without writing it to file, so we could show tables in an interface using Interact.jl and observables.


Happy to do this, please open an issue for further discussion.