Symbolics.jl: Compute determinant

I would like to compute the determinant of a matrix involving a symbolic variable:

using Symbolics
I = # Identity matrix
A = # Some non-trivial matrix

@variables z

aux = I - z * A

This webpage claims that computing determinants is possible, but I cannot find any documentation of that.

Does Symbolics.jl currently offer this feature, or do I have to resort to the SymPy wrapper for this?

What’s the issue? It looks fine to me?

using Symbolics, LinearAlgebra
A = rand(2,2)

@variables z

aux = 1.0*I - z * A
det(aux) # (1.0 - 0.5011637014230891z)*(1.0 - 0.5128961372118938z) - 0.5815234891673762(z^2)
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The key point is that the det function is exported by the LinearAlgebra package.