Symbolics Build Function and Display of Code in Pluto

I’m trying to make an example Pluto notebook, showing how some Julia functions can be manipulated by Symbolics and Converted to C. This all looks nice. But I don’t know the syntax once the function has generated C code to display it in markdown as C-code.

For Example:

@variables start stop num u

Gives me a nice C function, but I want to do something like this in the notebook.

Then we can symplify and convert the code to C, or MATLAB or Julia.
`` `   # ignore space 

Which I ultimately would love to look like this in the display with the newlines expanded, etc:

#include <math.h>
void function1(double* du, const double RHS1, const double RHS2, const double RHS3) {
  du[0] = ifelse(u <= RHS1, 1, ifelse(u >= RHS2, RHS3, 1 + ((-1 + RHS3) * (u + -1 * RHS1 * 1)) / (RHS2 + -1 * RHS1 * 1)));

I don’t know if it helps too much, but is there a C pretty print option for markdowns somewhere hiding? I can’t be the first person to think this would be cool.

Best Regards,
Allan Baker

EDIT: never mind - I didn’t understand your question.

The gist of it is, inside of your md block, you have a nested block of code delimited by backticks. It seems like that is what you were doing. I’m not sure why yours doesn’t have newlines? Mine does in Pluto.

I guess I wasn’t too clear, I want the expression inside “fc” which is C code to be magically expressed inside the markdown, but when I put it in the C ... syntax, I can no longer reference fc as $(fc).