Stop Julia from opening at login

On Mac OS 10.14.3, whenever I log in, Julia opens. Since I don’t want that, I clicked the ‘open at login’ option for Julia in the dock. Now it opens TWO copies whenever I log in. There are lots of solutions on the Web, which tell me to click on non-existent tabs or modify Library files that turn out to be empty. I would be grateful for a real solution.

May be I am misunderstanding this but

  • go to System Preferences then Users&Groups
  • click on Login Items
  • remove Julia from the list.

should normally do the trick.

Has this always happened since you installed Julia? This isn’t normal behavior, so perhaps something you did caused this to start happening?

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Thanks. The problem apparently had to do with administrator privileges, and now what you suggested works.

Always. Fixed now, thanks.