Multiple terminals open with Julia on macOS

I’ve installed the Julia .dmg file. Whenever I open the app, however, another normal terminal opens at the same time. Is this the expected behavior? If not, is there a way to tweak things so only the Julia terminal opens?

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I suppose you’re double-clicking the app’s icon…? That launches a new terminal window, rather than re-use an existing one. It might be easier for you to launch Julia from an existing terminal window, using julia. You might need to set up the path correctly for it work. You can open as many as you want, of course, within reason.

No, no double clicking going on. Just a single click on the app icon and both the Julia terminal opens and another normal terminal at the same time. I can set up julia in my path, I just wasn’t sure if the double terminal thing was the expected behavior or not or if there was a quick fix.

I didn’t know you could single-click-launch things - unless you’re using LaunchPad?

Yeah, clicking on it through LaunchPad, or even launching it from Spotlight will bring up the 2 terminals.

Is the Terminal app already open just before you click on the icon? Perhaps launching Terminal creates a default window and also continues on to create the extra window? Otherwise I’m out of ideas…

Put this

alias julia '/Applications/'

in your .chsrc file and then launch julia from as many terminal windows as you want by just typing julia at the prompt. Clinking on the icon is the problem. Firing Julia up directly from a terminal window is a solution.

Launching Julia from the terminal directly is no problem. I just found it weird it would launch 2 terminal windows when using the app.

True. I gave up on clicking the icon the day I first started with Julia.

Good to know others were running into the same issue.

Yes I have the same issue, but because the terminal window that opens is exactly the same size as the Julia window and stays behind it, I’m only reminded of it once in a while.