Stipple error in PlotOptions

I am trying to get the German credit demo for STipple running.

The “Credits by age” graph is not showing correctly

I noticed that the problem is with the xaxis_max option:

const bar_plot_opts = PlotOptions(xaxis_tick_amount=10, xaxis_max=370, chart_type=:bar, plot_options_bar_data_labels_position=:top,
                                  plot_options_bar_horizontal=true, chart_height=200, colors=plot_colors, chart_animations_enabled=false,
                                  xaxis_categories = ["20-30", "30-40", "40-50", "50-60", "60-70", "70-80"], chart_toolbar_show=false,
                                  chart_font_family="Lato, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif", stroke_show = false)

Can anyone help?