Status of julia-emacs

A few months ago, I opened a pull request against julia-emacs with a feature extension and bugfix. At the time, I made some effort to figure out who was maintaining that package. It now seems likely to me that nobody is maintaining it. This is unfortunately with the release of 1.0 now past; I’m sure there are fixes that need to be made for 0.6 → 1.0. Even worse, there’s a fix for a really very annoying bug involving string escapes in a pull request that’s been sitting for a couple months now.

So what I’m trying to do here is this:

  1. If a maintainer for julia-emacs exists but has just been busy for the past bit, I’d like to find out who that is so we can talk about at least getting the string-escape bug fixed.
  2. If that package is currently unmaintained, I’d like to see if anyone from the community will volunteer to maintain it (with permission of current owners of JuliaEditorSupport org of course).

I am willing to maintain the mode if nobody else is, however that doesn’t seem like the optimal solution given that I’m still slightly in the bash keyboard until it works phase of learning elisp.

Tagging the elisp hackers I know of in the community in case they have input: @Tamas_Papp @gdkrmr @jamii

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I merge most of the PR to that repo AFAICT. I missed the update after the merge permission is fixed and I just merged that PR. In general, if the PR is left open for a long time, feel free to ping again.

The current state of julia-emacs is good enough for me and even though I like the emacs key-binding I’m not a hard core (e)lisp hacker so other people are welcome to make contribution/(co-)maintain it.

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Thanks! Sorry if this came across as passive-agressive to post here rather than pinging you on GH. I had figured you’d helped with the mode in the past and didn’t wish to do so any more. My bad for making assumptions. Sorry about that.

I am not a seasoned elisp programmer either, but I would be happy to co-maintain it if you add me to the repo (tpapp on Github).

Would be great to see this more active. If anyone wants to merge Insertion of math symbols in julia using auctex's mechanism by antoine-levitt · Pull Request #42 · JuliaEditorSupport/julia-emacs · GitHub, that’d reduce my .emacs file :wink:

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