Feedback needed on improving Emacs inferior-julia

I’ve made some improvements to inferior-julia Julia REPL packaged with julia-mode and would like community feedback on whether pushing further in this direction is worthwhile. My hope is to have a good working Julia REPL out of the box with julia-mode so users don’t have to resort to things like emacs-jupyter, ess, or julia-repl.

I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who could try out the branch to decide whether its worthwhile to keep on working on this.


Could we have it working on Windows, pretty please?

Sure. If inferior-julia doesn’t currently work on master, please open an issue on the julia-emacs repo with more detail. If it’s the updates in the linked branch, please comment there with more details.

That would be super. The terminal in Emacs has so far been unusable on Windows.

Let me be clear. I am not testing this on Windows as I don’t use Windows. Supporting Windows should not be difficult, but I won’t know about problems unless you try inferior-julia and let me know what the issues are. comint-mode upon which inferior-julia and the ess variant are based should be more robust than julia-repl based on ansi-term, but I haven’t tested myself to confirm this.

That said, if julia-repl still isn’t working well on Windows, that’s a good thing to know as it’s a need inferior-julia might address better than existing solutions. :slight_smile:

As I suggested in the issue, I am not sure that julia-emacs is the best place for this. Please consider starting a package.

The key question you should consider if it is better to start something new or contribute to an existing package. In particular, I think that @gcv’s

is a really good approach.

didn’t know of julia-snail, looks promising

If the changes would bring inferior-julia closer to inferior-python I think that would be very helpful. I have been using julia-repl for a while but there are a couple of things that really bother me.