Julia-emacs 0.4 released

We have released version 0.4 of julia-emacs. This is the first release that requires Emacs 24.3, which simplifies code maintenance a lot.

The new release should trickle through MELPA Stable soon.

Changes include:

  • increase lookback (#98), fixes #5

  • fix derived parent mode (#66)

  • load LaTeX substitution table as a feature (#93)

  • drop support for Emacs earlier than 24.3, use cl-lib (#87), reorganize test framework accordingly (#95)

  • remove latexsub alias for julia-latexsub #101

I would like to thank all contributors and reviewers: @yuhan0, @non-Jedi, @rfourquet.


While all the emacs users are here:

I currently have a PR open adding completion of LaTeX codes (\lam -> \lambda) in addition to the existing LaTeX unicode substitution (\lambda -> λ). Could y’all either leave a comment here or in the PR on how you would expect these features to behave and interact within emacs? Thanks.