StatsBase.jl package: Possible Trojan:Win32 /Wacatac.H!m?

My name is Jair, I’m Brazilian (Goiânia/GO), I’m using google translator for this conversation. as I’m new to Julia, I don’t know if this is where I make such an announcement: Today (06/15/2023) when adding the StatsBase.jl package in Julia v.1.9.1, the Windows antivirus blocked the installation action, claiming a possible Trojan:Win32 /Wacatac.H!ml.
Does anyone know if this works? Is said package safe? I believe the same has been tested before. It is not?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Jair Jose Teixeira

I don’t know anything about how Windows Defender works, but I’m guessing the search for binary patterns inside of downloads. It could be, that for whatever reason, StatsBase.jl happens to have that binary pattern in it, unrelated to malware at all.

This is just the first link for a google search with “how can I stop windows defender from marking my software as a trojan”:

Perhaps a more useful link: how to submit a file to Microsoft for malware analysis:

Thanks. I will send this to Microsoft Security Intelligence.

That name sounds ominous doesn’t it: Microsoft Security Intelligence?

Mr. frylock, I accessed the link, but you must send the package file.


How to stop Windows Defender from mistaking legitimate files for trojans é de 2018 !!!

I’ll try on my end. It was StatsBase.jl, the file right? Or some component of the package?
relevant link on this site.

Mr. frylock,
resolved case:

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Thank you for your attention.