Julia (Juliaup from Windows store) flagged as virus by Trend micro Apex One

On my pro laptop, my lab installed the antivirus Trend micro Apex One.

I have been using it with Julia (downloaded with Juliaup from Windows store) for months.
Suddenly todady, while I was using with VSCode LiveServer.jl (probably not relevant), a virus trigger started and Julia became un-usable.

I hope this is just a false positive that will be fix soon by my IT (and a new Julia joke for my R/Python colleague).

I wondered, any idea what may have caused that all of a sudden? It’s probably some weird behavior from the antivirus.
Anyone ever experienced that?

On the screen (partially in French, sorry), it basically says that after scanning it detected that julia.exe is a virus for “unauthorized file encryption”.

I think Apex one is one of those AV that might as well count as malware due to how annoying/invasive it is?

see also: Avast thinks Julia is a virus · Issue #28840 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

and it happens more often than I thought: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/254153-julia/

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Thanks for the refs, I feel less alone.
Indeed, these AVs are super annoying!