State of DSP?

I’ve been working on a website that allows you to run simulations on the cloud.

One of the features it has are script files that sound like what you’re talking about.

Can you maybe expand on what you want? Because it sounds like you’re describing a web platform

All needed is:

  1. Image Processing sub forum in Discourse Julia.
  2. Sharing Functions files just like MATLAB File Exchange.
    If you add Online interactive demo with the code, It would be even better.

Hi @djsegal

This is what I had in mind:

yes, a web platform were you can browse search and download Julia code.

To share a file you press share code somewhere, you do not provide the code instead you
provide a GitHub link
to a specific file or folder.
you also provide a short readme explaining simply what the code does and how to run it on some example.

To download a file/algorithm: if you find something you like you can download it/ review it from its page on the web platform.
Code page will list the linked file, the readme , and the actual code in browser read-only editor and a talkback chat for kudos and complaints.

What do you think?