Adding Shearlet transform package to JuliaDSP


Dear Julians and hopefully members of JuliaDSP organization,

My name is Héctor Andrade Loarca and I am currently doing my PhD in mathematics specialized in Digital Signal Processing and Compressed Sensing, specially in computational harmonic analysis in the Technical University of Berlin, with the great Professor Gitta Kutyniok (one of the founders of the Shearlet Transform). I have already 3 years of experience programming in Julia, before I was working with Professor David P. Sanders in México doing some MonteCarlo simulation using Julia, and currently my whole research work uses Julia as programming tool. I developed also a Shearlet Transform toolbox in 2D and 3D (that includes a Serial 2D Wavelet transform that could work an alternative to the already existent Wavelets.jl) based on the matlab toolbox Shearlab3D (, developed by the group of Prof. Kutyniok at TU Berlin), and now I am currently working in an implementation of Light Field Recovery using Shearlets based on the article

My Shearlet transform package called Shearlab.jl ( has already passed all the tests for the Julia Package Register process, and now is just waiting to be merged in the METADATA.jl repo, I hope this week will be already merged. Since the Shearlet transform is an already famous tool in signal processing for denoising, compressing and inpainting, due to its great approximation propeties of cartoon like functions in 2D and 3D (that has a better sparse representation in 2D than the wavelte transform), I thought it would be a good idea to include it in the JuliaDSP organization. Thanks for your attention, and congrats for the great job spreading Julia.

My best wishes,

Héctor Andrade Loarca


Hi Héctor,

I’m not a JuliaDSP maintainer but I maintain some of the Julia audio packages and am definitely interested in this sort of thing. I think it makes sense to have it as part of the JuliaDSP ecosystem. I have a few minor bikeshedding comments, but I can file those as issues in the repo to keep conversations focused.

So +1 from me.



Thanks Spencer!!! Sorry for the late response, but I already see your issues, and I am working on them. I would like to know. I would also like to know, how the shearlet transform could be useful for your work :slight_smile: