Ridgelets, Shapelets, Curvelets, Radon Transform etc?

Anyone know of efforts in Julia to do these fancy *-let type DSP operations?

I was able to find one repository(https://github.com/NFFT/nfft), but it’s a C effort with only a partial Julia interface(it seems)? Whoever is doing it is very smart, obviously, but also they offer the adjoint of some ops. The effort does not contain all the goodies out there, but, I think a lot of people are looking more and more to these tools as our understanding of certain things, in say CV, has progressed.

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There’s archived GitHub - fundamental/Curvelet.jl: Implementation of the Uniform Discrete Curvelet Transform (UDCT)

and PyCurvelab is well a Python wrapper for some code (that’s not open source, only academic license, I’m not sure such code is easily available), you could use through Python (or directly). I see in docs it’s used here:

Because of the license (and Python) I was looking myself, and only found the first package that could be resurrected.