Change the Name of _Signal Processing_ Sub Forum into _Signal and Image Processing_

I think it would make sense to change the naming of the Signal Processing sub forum into Signal and Image Processing.

If traffic would justify it would be great to have both, but at the moment not having Image Processing explicitly anywhere means that sometimes we get image processing related question in Visualization. So I think in the current numbers, it would be better to have a single forum dedicated to the low level processing of 1D and 2D signals (Yes, in the wide sense Signal Processing means all dimensions, but practically people think Signal Processing → 1D, Image Processing → 2D).

For instance, see Is there Julia library for AI Image Denoising?. It will be also great to move it into the correct place.


Done :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys (@RoyiAvital and @vchuravy) so much for this additional info and for pointing me into this specific Signal Processing subdomain [currently Signal and Image Processing] that so far I mostly associated with The Weave Theory. I am not aware about all the specific peculiarities related to clustering of Julia Discourse forum posts so I trust you on this matter. Just wanted to underline that from my point of view it was mostly about visualizations and artificial intelligence. For this particular case and at that time, I was focused on this topic entirely due to my personal interest. Further, I started to think about some potential explicit implications of such technologies, especially in the area related to synthetic imagery. In particular, started to wonder if such techniques could be possibly useful for refinement / enhancement of synthetic (visual) data generated from computer simulations (algorithms) and for its comparison with real life imagery in order to improve assessment and validation of numerical models that were used for preparations of before mentioned synthetics. Also wondering, if you may have any comments related to the papers quoted in the source post by @Palli. I believe this could make this discussion even more interesting. Thank you.