Starting a julia remote process using qrsh on a cluster computer fails

When I try to establish a remote connection to a cluster computer, I get an error message if qrsh is used to login into a node.

I followed the manual according to

bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `(' bash: -c: line 0: `julia --depwarn=yes -O3 --color=yes -i -e let\n# NOTE: No single quotes. File needs to be shorter than 2000 chars.\nif VERSION > v"0.7-"\n port = parse(Int, popfirst!(Base.ARGS))\nelse\n port = parse(Int, shift!(Base.ARGS))\nend\n\njunorc = haskey(ENV, "JUNORC_PATH") ? joinpath(ENV["JUNORC_PATH"], "juno_startup.jl") : joinpath(homedir(), ".julia", "config", "juno_startup.jl")\njunorc = abspath(normpath(expanduser(junorc)))\n\nif (VERSION > v"0.7-" ? Base.find_package("Atom") : Base.find_in_path("Atom")) == nothing\n p = VERSION > v"0.7-" ? x -> printstyled(x, color=:cyan, bold=true) : x -> print_with_color(:cyan, x, bold=true)\n p("\nHold on tight while we are installing some packages for you.\nThis should only take a few seconds...\n\n")\n\n if VERSION > v"0.7-"\n using Pkg\n Pkg.activate()\n end\n\n Pkg.add("Atom")\n Pkg.add("Juno")\n\n println()\nend\n\n\n# TODO: Update me when tagging a new relase:\nMIN_ATOM_VER = v"0.12.8"\noutdated = false\n\ntry\n if VERSION >= v"1.0-"\n using Pkg\n atompath = Base.find_package("Atom")\n\n if !occursin(Pkg.devdir(), atompath) # package is not `dev`ed\n tomlpath = joinpath(dirname(atompath), "..", "Project.toml")\n atomversion = VersionNumber(Pkg.TOML.parsefile(tomlpath)["version"])\n\n if atomversion < MIN_ATOM_VER\n outdated = """\n Please upgrade Atom.jl to at least version `$(MIN_ATOM_VER)` with e.g. `using Pkg; Pkg.update()`.\n\n If the integrated REPL is non-functional, try an external terminal opened with the `Julia Client: Open External REPL` command.\n """\n end\n end\n end\ncatch err\nend\n\nprintln("Starting Julia...")\n\ntry\n import Atom\n using Juno\n Atom.handle("junorc") do path\n cd(path)\n ispath(junorc) && include(junorc)\n\n if outdated != false\n Atom.msg("versionwarning", outdated)\n end\n nothing\n end\n Atom.connect(port)\ncatch\n if outdated != false\n printstyled("Outdated version of Atom.jl detected.\n", outdated, "\n", color = Base.error_color())\n end\n rethrow()\nend\nend\n 54730' Connection to node301 closed.

However, just logging into the cluster computer without using qrsh and starting julia with julia "$@"(as descriped in the manual).

Any idea how to fix this?