Source Code Quality Assurance / Linting


I would like to enable a git hook for some basic quality assurance of our development efforts in Julia. In particular, I would like to check for

  • line is not longer than C characters
  • function is not longer than X lines
  • if else block is not longer than Y lines
  • try catch block is not longer than Y lines

and similar.

How do I do this? Which package I should go for? I found few linting packages but was not sure which one to pick.



I have to say that I missed this one as I was looking for keyword “lint” :slight_smile: . I will check it out, thanks!

Hello, although this is a bit older thread, let me re-open it - once I started using Juliaformatter.jl I could not find any options to e.g. check for number of lines in a function so that I can add it to a git hook to prevent writing long functions (e.g. longer than 50 lines).

Do I need to look for a linter instead and if yes what are the options?