[SOLVED : SDL binding] SDL or similar in Julia?

Hi there !

Is there any package in Julia which provide low level access as SDL ? Or at least the possibility to change screen through the pixel array ? (I wanted to try to make a little 2D game with Julia, to learn more about the language :slight_smile: )

(I know I can use SDL with Julia, but if exists a Julier method, I would like use it :slight_smile: )

Thanks !

Is a package calling SDL what you want? Or you want the same features implemented in Julia? In the former case there is https://github.com/jonathanBieler/SimpleDirectMediaLayer.jl.

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I wanted something which can do the work of SDL in Julia :slight_smile: The more Julia way was, the better it would be, but not really important.

I’vn’t found this binding when I looked for. Thanks ! <3